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Welcome Back To School

Hello everyone






Welcome back to SIDE for those families continuing from last year and a big welcome to all new families.

Listed below are the contact details for the SIDE Primary School Staff for Term 1.

Deputy Principal

Tundie Jones                           tundie.jones@education.wa.edu.au       92426347


Kathy Cokis                             kathy.cokis@education.wa.edu.au     9242 6538

Elizabeth Deague                   elizabeth.deague@education.wa.edu.au     9242 6189

Mandy De Vos                        amanda.devos@education.wa.edu.au     9242 6118

Meredith Goodlet                   meredith.goodlet@education.wa.edu.au     9242 6112

Karen Jaworski-Neilson         Karen.Jaworski-Neilson@education.wa.edu.au

Jenny Locke                            jennifer.locke@education.wa.edu.au     9242 6139

Wendy Murray                       wendy.murray@education.wa.edu.au     9242 6370

Mary Obrecht                         mary.obrecht2@education.wa.edu.au     9242 6865

Debra Reynolds                      debra.reynolds@education.wa.edu.au   92426535

Linley Wolyniec                      linley.wolyniec@education.wa.edu.au     9242 6598

Brad Woodbrook                    bradley.woodbrook@education.wa.edu.au   92426565

Note: Cathy Smith is currently relieving for Kathy Cokis.

Travel Diary Ideas







This is a link to a previous post with lots of great ideas to include when writing a travel diary.

It is a detailed post with many ideas other than recording the events from the day which can become a tiresome chore quite quickly. With a few different ideas for presentation and writing, it can be fun and something to keep for years to come as a reminder of your trip.

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