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Printing Service

Hello everyone

Please note the amendment made to Tundie Jones’s phone number which was incorrect in the post dated Feb 4.

The correct number is 92426347


We have compiled some information to assist parents/home tutors with printing of lesson materials.

Officeworks offer an economical solution for printing.

The lesson materials need to be downloaded from Moodle onto your computer and the pdfs saved onto a thumb-drive.

The thumb-drive is then taken to Officeworks for the materials to be printed.

The costs given here are for black and white copies. The information for printing colour copies is on the website.

printing costs_officeworks

For families travelling within Australia this is a cost effective way of printing lesson materials.

Officeworks also offer a scanning service and cloud based printing services.

This is a link to the Officeworks stores Australia wide.

Buying a Printer?

It is not always possible to go to an Officeworks store and with this in mind this printer has been recommended for economy, function and the cost of refills.

If you have any information regarding reliable and cost efficient printers or printing services, please add a comment in the box below.

We welcome your comments.

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