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How to Zip Files

Hello everyone

When would you need to zip files?

If you have a large number of files to send to SIDE it is advisable to zip the files. Zipping the files means that you will only need to upload one zipped folder and the size will also be compressed.

This video shows the process to zip files

How to zip files

On your computer, locate the files you want to send to SIDE .

Select the files that you want to zip.

You do this by keeping your finger on the control button as you click on each file. When you have selected the files you want to zip, they will all be highlighted.

Now right click on the mouse button. One of the options will be Send to –  scroll to Send to and you will be presented with a new list of options.

Choose compressed folder. A new compressed folder will then appear. This will need to be renamed, for example: Set 6_ Workbook 1. It will depend on the naming conventions that your child’s teacher has requested, if any.

Now, when you are uploading work into Moodle all of the files will be in the one compressed folder.

More about zipping …

There is a very good free download called 7-Zip which will enable greater compression than the one inbuilt into Windows.

Note: Just check the image below which shows the correct download button to use.

7 Zip



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