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Become a Website Superstar!

Hello everyone

Here is a chance for your child to be a star on the SIDE Primary School website.

We are updating the website and need to add new scrolling photos to the home page.
We know that our students do their schoolwork in some unusual places as they travel, some even taking their laptops to the top of a hill to attend a SABA lesson or sitting outside under a tree doing Maths.

We would like you to share these ‘different’ experiences with others. Have a look at the website to see some examples.

Primary school website

Look interesting?

Now is your chance for your child to become part of our website.

The photos need to

  • be ‘educational’, not just adventures and scenery
  • include students fully clothed (no bathers)
  • be Landscape in orientation
  • be the original size. Do not re-size the photo. The larger the better. The minimum size needs to be 880 x 450px
  • be good quality (not blurry).

Please send the photos to Mandy de Vos at amanda.devos@education.wa.edu.au.
As they may be too large to send via email, you may need to send via IFEX .

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