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How To Send Photos To SIDE

What is the best way to send photos/videos to SIDE?

There are several alternatives.

Thumb Drive


A thumb drive is a very easy way to send photos to the teacher.  Photos and videos do not need to be re sized and can simply be dragged from where they are stored on your computer onto a thumb drive.

Quite often at SIDE we will receive a thumb drive along with pen and paper work.

Make sure the thumb drive is labelled clearly. Some families purchase several thumb drives so that while one is in transit they have another one to use.

Using a thumb drive is most convenient for families travelling Australia or for those where the post is reliable.


What if I only want to send a couple of photos?

email logo

If you only have a couple of photos to send, it is convenient to email however, photos that are emailed do need to be resized.

Photos can be very large in size and in some instances too large for the servers at The Education Department. When this happens we receive a message to say that the size limit has been exceeded and we do not receive the attachment.


A very easy and free program to use is picresize.  Picresize allows you to resize an image in seconds and it is then just a matter of attaching the resized photos to the email. It is free and very easy to use.

This short video shows how to use picresize.com   Remember to rename the photos when they have been resized so that the name reflects the subject of the photo.

This is a link to some previous instructions
 for using picresize. The interface has changed slightly since these screenshots were taken.



moodle 2

If you are sending work electronically, Moodle is the best option.

It is time consuming and impractical to upload each photo/video individually.

An option would be to zip all of the files containing the photos and then just upload the one zipped folder.

How to zip files

Locate the photos on your computer.  Select the files that you want to zip by keeping your finger on the control button as you click on each file. When you have selected the files you want to zip, they will be highlighted.

Now right click on the mouse button. One of the options will be Send to –  scroll to Send to and you will be presented with a new list of options.

Choose compressed folder. A new compressed folder will then appear. This will need to be renamed, for example: Photos_Set 6_ workbook 1. It will depend on the naming conventions that your child’s teacher has requested, if any.

Now, when you are uploading work into Moodle all of the photos will be in the one compressed folder.  This makes it a much easier to upload work.

Many students compress all of the schoolwork into one or more compressed folders for the ease of uploading into Moodle.



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