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Game to play in the car – The Argument Game

This game can be played in the car and is suitable for all ages.

It asks children to give two reasons in favour of, or against, a chosen topic.

For example, the chosen topic might be – Is too much TV bad for you? Each child has two give two reasons for or against the topic.

the ece argument game

The instructions for the game are on the pdf (links below).  All you will need is the printed pdf and a dice.

You can ask your teacher for a laminated copy on card to be mailed to you.

There are two different games, one for Early Childhood students and one for Middle and Upper students however the game can be easily adapted to suit all children.

Your family might like to brainstorm some fresh ideas.  Write them on a small post it note and place over the current topics.


This form of verbal reasoning will assist students to present a point of view and support it with evidence/strong reasons.

Developing these skills is a vital part of planning for the Persuasive Writing element of the NAPLAN test.

This is a fun way way to practice the necessary skills.

The game is suitable for all children, not only those completing the NAPLAN tests.



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