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Travelling Australia With Kids – The TAWK Community

What is TAWK?

The TAWK community is a blog for people who are Travelling Australia With Kids.


It answers many of the questions that families have when setting off on a trip around Australia.

A detailed FAQ section deals with issues such as

  • How do you keep the children busy on long car trips and stop them from misbehaving?
  • I’m a bit worried about the family together 24/7. How do other families cope?
  • Our family is very negative about us taking the children out of school for a year. How do you get around that?

Topics such as getting started, free camping, finances and much more are covered.

There is also an opportunity to share the experiences your family has had while travelling.

One of our SIDE families has featured on the blog.











Thank you to Brad Woodbrook for this information regarding TAWK

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