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Read The April/May Issue Of Spineout

Hi everyone

A new Issue of Spine Out is available online.  It is a great interactive magazine aimed at middle to upper primary students.

To find the magazine

  • login to Moodle
  • click on Resource Centre Online (icon top right side of the Moodle page)
  • click on Reading and
  • SpineOut is listed there


Hello everyone

Here are some common problems facing home tutors and some solutions.


SABA won’t work.


SABA seems to prefer Internet Explorer.  Firefox and Chrome can be problematic.

When entering the lesson make sure to click on Attend In Browser.

No Sound – Always do an audio check before the lesson starts.

Still not working – Log out and try again


Can’t log in to SABA


Your teacher will send SABA log in details


Can’t log in to Moodle


Your teacher will send Moodle log in details.

After you have logged into Moodle for the first time, with the details sent from SIDE, you need to  EMAIL your teacher to say that you have logged in.

It is only when you have done this that the teacher can give you access to Moodle courses.

More Help for Home Tutors

This booklet has practical suggestions for Home Tutors to address common problems.

First Aid for Home Tutors



The school break is from Sat 9 April to Mon 25 April. School starts on Tuesday April 26th.

Have a great holiday everyone!

Make Your Own Story Book Competition

Make your own storybook graphic

The Make Your Own Story Book competition is an opportunity for students to create an original
narrative presented as a picture or story book.

• Years PP – 2 Picture Book
• Years 3 – 4 Picture Book
• Years 3 – 4 Story Book
• Years 5 – 6 Picture Book
• Years 5 – 6 Story Book
• Year 7 – 8 Picture Book
• Year 7 – 8 Story Book
The judges will classify each entry as either picture
or story book.

• combine words and illustrations to tell a story
• the story can be told through the illustrations
• relies on the written word to tell the story
• illustrations are complementary, not essential to
the story
• excitement and interest are conveyed through the
plot, language and characterisation.

This is a link to the entry form.

Easter and Term 1 Holiday Dates

Hello everyone

The dates for the Easter break are as follows

Friday March 25th until Tuesday March 29th. School  resumes on Wednesday March 3oth.

The dates for the Term 1 holidays are as follows

Saturday April 9th until Monday April 25th. School resumes on Tuesday April 26th.

This is a link to holiday dates for 2016 from the Department of Education (WA).

Travel Diaries

travel diary

Many students keep a travel diary.

This is a link to a post from last year that has many ideas for keeping a travel diary.

It can be printed and kept as handy reference for those times when ideas are running low.

Have a great break everyone.

Remember there will be no SABA classes after today until Wednesday March 30th.

Earth Hour – Saturday March 19th at 8.30pm

What is Earth Hour?

Hello everyone

Earth Hour launched in Sydney in 2007, with 2.2 million people and 2,100 businesses participating in the ‘lights off’ event. Just one year later, Earth Hour became a global phenomenon with over 35 countries participating, and an estimated 50-100 million people.

On Saturday March 19, millions of Australians will take part in Earth Hour from 8:30-9.30pm to show their support of a low pollution, clean energy future, one in which we can continue to enjoy the best of nature and our great Aussie outdoor lifestyle.

There are also activities for kids, some games and art/craft.

Earth hour for kids

Hello everyone

Sight words

What are Sight Words?

Sight words are an important part of learning in the early years of schooling.

Sight words help to build speed and accuracy when reading. They are often spelled irregularly and need to be recognised by sight.

This link is to a blog post that has some great ideas for simple games to play to assist with learning sight words.


Hello everyone

Clean Up Australia Day is on Sunday March 6th.

Clean Up Australia Day

Join a Clean Up Site.

Click on the graphic below. This will take you to the page where you can find a site near you.

Clean Up Australia sites

Are You Helping Too Much With Homework?

Hello everyone

This is an interesting article to read about helping your child with their homework.



Note: In this article homework is not referring to SIDE work but schoolwork your child is set to complete after normal school hours.


Printing Service

Hello everyone

Please note the amendment made to Tundie Jones’s phone number which was incorrect in the post dated Feb 4.

The correct number is 92426347


We have compiled some information to assist parents/home tutors with printing of lesson materials.

Officeworks offer an economical solution for printing.

The lesson materials need to be downloaded from Moodle onto your computer and the pdfs saved onto a thumb-drive.

The thumb-drive is then taken to Officeworks for the materials to be printed.

The costs given here are for black and white copies. The information for printing colour copies is on the website.

printing costs_officeworks

For families travelling within Australia this is a cost effective way of printing lesson materials.

Officeworks also offer a scanning service and cloud based printing services.

This is a link to the Officeworks stores Australia wide.

Buying a Printer?

It is not always possible to go to an Officeworks store and with this in mind this printer has been recommended for economy, function and the cost of refills.

If you have any information regarding reliable and cost efficient printers or printing services, please add a comment in the box below.

We welcome your comments.

What is SABA? Updated 2016

Hello everyone

When students enrol with SIDE they are given an opportunity to attend  some lessons online.

SABA is the platform used by  SIDE to deliver online lessons. SABA requires an internet connection and is a simple download.

Using SABA,  students receive lessons in real time, (where time zones allow) are able to talk with the teacher and use an interactive whiteboard to use mark up tools. The mark up tools allow the student to draw, type, use a highlighter pen, create shapes and more.

When students attend on a regular basis, they become part of a ‘class’ and develop a rapport with the teacher, willingly engage in online learning and get to know other students in the group.

It is recommended that the home tutor sit with the student for the first week until the student has a clear understanding of how to use the program.

Here is a short video to show some of the features of the interface of SABA.