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Welcome Back To School

Hello everyone






Welcome back to SIDE for those families continuing from last year and a big welcome to all new families.

Listed below are the contact details for the SIDE Primary School Staff for Term 1.

Deputy Principal

Tundie Jones                           tundie.jones@education.wa.edu.au       92426347


Kathy Cokis                             kathy.cokis@education.wa.edu.au     9242 6538

Elizabeth Deague                   elizabeth.deague@education.wa.edu.au     9242 6189

Mandy De Vos                        amanda.devos@education.wa.edu.au     9242 6118

Meredith Goodlet                   meredith.goodlet@education.wa.edu.au     9242 6112

Karen Jaworski-Neilson         Karen.Jaworski-Neilson@education.wa.edu.au

Jenny Locke                            jennifer.locke@education.wa.edu.au     9242 6139

Wendy Murray                       wendy.murray@education.wa.edu.au     9242 6370

Mary Obrecht                         mary.obrecht2@education.wa.edu.au     9242 6865

Debra Reynolds                      debra.reynolds@education.wa.edu.au   92426535

Linley Wolyniec                      linley.wolyniec@education.wa.edu.au     9242 6598

Brad Woodbrook                    bradley.woodbrook@education.wa.edu.au   92426565

Note: Cathy Smith is currently relieving for Kathy Cokis.

Travel Diary Ideas







This is a link to a previous post with lots of great ideas to include when writing a travel diary.

It is a detailed post with many ideas other than recording the events from the day which can become a tiresome chore quite quickly. With a few different ideas for presentation and writing, it can be fun and something to keep for years to come as a reminder of your trip.

Happy Holidays

Hello everyone









Best wishes for a Happy Holiday from all the staff at the Primary School.

School will resume for students on Monday February 1st.

This is a link to term dates for 2016.

Useful Websites

Hello everyone

Here are some links to websites you might find useful.

Whyzz.com is a good place to visit when your child has a ‘why’question.



Travelmate is a website about travel in Australia.

The link is to a page that has lots of games that can be played in the car.

Travelmate 2











ABC Splash is a very good website. Here is a link to a post written previously about ABC Splash.

Below are some of the topics to be found on the website.

abc splash









Note: If you are in an overseas location ABC Splash may not work for you.

This video explains how to use Orbit. Orbit is a new library catalogue interface designed specifically for junior and middle school students.

It is an interactive and enjoyable way for students to engage with the online catalogue.

The password needed to enter Orbit is the same as the password for Moodle.

The Resource Centre will contact you if place a reserve.

If you have any questions contact the Resource Centre

Chunking – What is it? How is it used?

Chunking refers to breaking down a task into small achievable steps.

student_asking_question-800pxThe reason for doing this is to avoid the feeling of ‘overwhelm’ that students can be faced with when a task appears to be too long or too difficult.

The Task

If the student doesn’t know where to start and sees the task as being impossible this can then lead to a lack of motivation and disinterest in continuing with the task.

Adults often unconsciously break a long task into smaller more achievable chunks, for example paperwork, such as preparing income tax.
If it is a task that is time consuming or has several steps to completion, it is easier to break the task into smaller chunks rather than completing it all at once.

A solution is to make smaller, more achievable goals.  This is often referred to as chunking.

By setting small achievable goals the student can see that progress being made and that there is an end in sight.

An example


The task : Write a report

First goal : Research information and find  images that can be used in the report.

Second goal : Complete a framework or outline of the report .

Third goal : Write a draft copy. Home tutor assists with editing and proofreading

Fourth goal: Write a neat copy or publish using a computer

In some cases  these smaller milestones or goals can be broken into smaller steps. It depends on the complexity of the task.

Another example

The task : Diary Writing

First goal:  Brainstorm ideas possibly with assistance from the home tutor

Second goal : Choose a topic and write a rough draft using Who? What? Where? When? Why?

Third goal: Write final copy

The goals may be spread over a period of time, for example the length of a set of work or it may be a task that is to be finished within the school working day.

Chunking applies to all year levels.  Younger students will benefit from the home tutor chunking the task and then explaining to the student the steps that will be taken to complete the task.

Experiment with this method.

Use a mind map to break down a task into smaller chunks.

mindmap best

Good organisation skills will help students become better managers of their time and more efficient learners.


How to Zip Files

Hello everyone

When would you need to zip files?

If you have a large number of files to send to SIDE it is advisable to zip the files. Zipping the files means that you will only need to upload one zipped folder and the size will also be compressed.

This video shows the process to zip files

How to zip files

On your computer, locate the files you want to send to SIDE .

Select the files that you want to zip.

You do this by keeping your finger on the control button as you click on each file. When you have selected the files you want to zip, they will all be highlighted.

Now right click on the mouse button. One of the options will be Send to –  scroll to Send to and you will be presented with a new list of options.

Choose compressed folder. A new compressed folder will then appear. This will need to be renamed, for example: Set 6_ Workbook 1. It will depend on the naming conventions that your child’s teacher has requested, if any.

Now, when you are uploading work into Moodle all of the files will be in the one compressed folder.

More about zipping …

There is a very good free download called 7-Zip which will enable greater compression than the one inbuilt into Windows.

Note: Just check the image below which shows the correct download button to use.

7 Zip



Term 3 Holidays

Hello everyone


School holidays in Western Australia begin Friday, September 25th.

School starts for students on Monday, October 12th.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Don’t forget to send some photos for the school website.

Cybersafety Help Button


Note: Please see information in comments section below regarding the cyber safety button. (Feb 2017)

The Australian Government’s Cybersafety Help Button provides internet users, particularly children and young people, with easy online access to cybersafety information and assistance available in Australia.

It offers counselling, reporting and educational resources to assist young people deal with online risks including cyberbullying, unwanted contact, scams and fraud, and offensive or inappropriate material.

cybersafety help buttonThe help button is a free application that is easily downloaded onto personal computers, mobile devices, and school and library networks.


How to install the button

Go to the website (link below) to see where the button takes you before deciding to download it to your computer.

Click here to go the website for instuctions on how to

  • install the Cybersafety Help Button on your desktop
  • install the Cybersafety Help Button on your mobile device
  • install the Cybersafety Help Button as part of your web browser

a reminderJust a reminder to send photos for inclusion on the school website. There is more information here.



Become a Website Superstar!

Hello everyone

Here is a chance for your child to be a star on the SIDE Primary School website.

We are updating the website and need to add new scrolling photos to the home page.
We know that our students do their schoolwork in some unusual places as they travel, some even taking their laptops to the top of a hill to attend a SABA lesson or sitting outside under a tree doing Maths.

We would like you to share these ‘different’ experiences with others. Have a look at the website to see some examples.

Primary school website

Look interesting?

Now is your chance for your child to become part of our website.

The photos need to

  • be ‘educational’, not just adventures and scenery
  • include students fully clothed (no bathers)
  • be Landscape in orientation
  • be the original size. Do not re-size the photo. The larger the better. The minimum size needs to be 880 x 450px
  • be good quality (not blurry).

Please send the photos to Mandy de Vos at amanda.devos@education.wa.edu.au.
As they may be too large to send via email, you may need to send via IFEX .

How to Make an Audio File

Hello everyone

Sometimes students are asked to present work orally.  At SIDE this will mean making an audio file. It might be a presentation, some reading or news-telling.

This short video explains how to make an audio file.