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Hello everyone

Here are some common problems facing home tutors and some solutions.


SABA won’t work.


SABA seems to prefer Internet Explorer.  Firefox and Chrome can be problematic.

When entering the lesson make sure to click on Attend In Browser.

No Sound – Always do an audio check before the lesson starts.

Still not working – Log out and try again


Can’t log in to SABA


Your teacher will send SABA log in details


Can’t log in to Moodle


Your teacher will send Moodle log in details.

After you have logged into Moodle for the first time, with the details sent from SIDE, you need to  EMAIL your teacher to say that you have logged in.

It is only when you have done this that the teacher can give you access to Moodle courses.

More Help for Home Tutors

This booklet has practical suggestions for Home Tutors to address common problems.

First Aid for Home Tutors



The school break is from Sat 9 April to Mon 25 April. School starts on Tuesday April 26th.

Have a great holiday everyone!

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