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What is SABA? Updated 2016

Hello everyone

When students enrol with SIDE they are given an opportunity to attend  some lessons online.

SABA is the platform used by  SIDE to deliver online lessons. SABA requires an internet connection and is a simple download.

Using SABA,  students receive lessons in real time, (where time zones allow) are able to talk with the teacher and use an interactive whiteboard to use mark up tools. The mark up tools allow the student to draw, type, use a highlighter pen, create shapes and more.

When students attend on a regular basis, they become part of a ‘class’ and develop a rapport with the teacher, willingly engage in online learning and get to know other students in the group.

It is recommended that the home tutor sit with the student for the first week until the student has a clear understanding of how to use the program.

Here is a short video to show some of the features of the interface of SABA.


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