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How To Use Home Tutor Feedback Sheets

Home Tutor Feedback sheets play a very important part in assessing your child’s progress.

A home tutor feedback sheet needs to be completed and returned with each set of completed work.

girlwritingSome tips for completing the forms.
Tell us

  • exactly how much help you are giving the student
  • how the student reacts to the work and the demands to complete tasks
  • if the student has been ill and this has affected school work
  • if the time taken to complete tasks is especially fast or slow
  • about any interruptions that could affect schoolwork, for example, family visiting, vehicle problems
  • about places visited or other activities undertaken.


On the form there is a section for Attitude, Behaviour and Effort.  This section is particularly important to teachers at SIDE as it is one area that cannot be observed from the schoolwork.

If you have a change of address this can also be noted on the form.

Run out of forms?

The forms are attached here as  pdf files.  You can download the forms to your computer and print as needed.

We rely on your information to to make a better assessment of your child’s progress.

HT Feedback Form Year K 2015

HT Feedback Form Years PP-2 2015

HT Feedback Form Years 3-6 2015

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