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How to Convert a Document to PDF

How to convert a document to pdf. Here are three options:

  1. Most scanners have an option to scan documents as a PDF.
  2. You can use a PDF converter – Click this link for further instructions. If you are unable to scan documents as a PDF, you can convert your scans to PDF before sending.
  3. Instead of scanning with a scanner, you can use your smart phone or iPad to scan directly to PDF. You will need to download an app for this. There are some links below to assist  you in choosing an appropriate app:


document scanners



scanner apps for android


Scanning in ‘batch mode’  allows for scanning multiple pages. You can then email the document to yourself before saving to your computer.

You can then either IFEX, email or upload the work into Moodle.

If you have discovered any other apps for scanning documents and converting to pdf, please add a comment below.

Thank you to Liz Deague for this information.

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  • Jenny

    Thank you for your comment. The link is fixed now and goes to iScanner which looks like a very good product.

  • The link above isn’t working but we found iScanner (for iPhone/iPad which we have downloaded and will try.

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