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Distance Education at SIDE compared to home-schooling

When your child enrols with SIDE they are not being home-schooled.

Home-schooling is entirely different to enrolling with SIDE.

SIDE is a WA Government school. Children enrolled at SIDE are learning at a distance.

SIDE Home-schooling
WA Government school Students need to meet eligibility criteria to enrol Choice by parent. Need to register with the local Education District Office
Supported by a WA Government school teacher Students are allocated to a teacher or teachers Teaching is undertaken by a parent or person chosen by the parent
Reports as per a WA Government school Student progress is reported on as per WA Government schools A home-school moderator visits
School resources developed for learning at a distance Resources are developed to meet the needs of the student and adhere to the Australian Curriculum standards The home educator is fully responsible for planning the program, obtaining materials, delivering and monitoring the program
Students can travel The program is designed to be accessed anywhere in the world (with internet access) To register for home-schooling the student needs to reside in one place
Who can enrol Students need to meet eligibility criteria to enrol Choice by parent

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