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Supporting the reader

Here are a few helpful tips to guide your child in becoming a successful reader

• Read TO your child – your child must see the text and be encouraged to follow your reading.

• Read FOR your child what they can’t read for themselves.

• Read WITH your child to provide SUPPORT and CONFIDENCE.

• Allow rehearsal time BEFORE oral reading.

• Read TO your child, leaving out predictable words for your child to provide.

• Ask your child to read alone and then RETELL what has been read. Ask questions to further develop/clarify understanding.

DISCUSS the text, not your child’s reading behaviour.

• Provide variety of materials (fiction, non-fiction, magazines, brochures, catalogues).

• Connect reading to family experiences (specific books about topic or places).

TALK about what is read; ask questions.

• Allow your child to SELECT materials with parental guidance.

• Be a good MODEL of reading yourself. Talk about your reading and its purpose (eg information, leisure).

• Allow for “read it again” of favourite books.

ENCOURAGE attempts/approximations with unfamiliar words.

• Encourage your child to ASK questions.

• Talk informally about letters/sounds in the CONTEXT of a word.

• Discuss and explore words/MEANINGS of phrases.

• Assist your child reader to PREDICT: particular words, the contents, possible outcome.

• Use the local library.


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