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A note to our travelling families

Travelling families make up a large portion of our enrolments and we like to support you in your travels.  For those students travelling for two terms we understand that they will be returning to school and six months of partial school work is satisfactory.  The journeys undertaken often ‘teach’ children more than they will learn in the classroom, such as life skills, seeing Australia or the world first hand and experiencing the real thing.


We have greater expectations of our students that are with us for more than two terms.  A balance between travel and school work needs to be found.  The children need to maintain their learning in Mathematics and English especially. Our teachers are very experienced in supporting you to find the balance and can offer many suggestions.


If you find that our program does not suit you we would appreciate that you return the materials to us and let us know your plans.  If we do not hear from you we are put in the position where the students are truant and need to be reported to the Department of Education.

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