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Ways to say ‘VERY GOOD’

1 You’re on the right track now 2 Keep on trying
3 You’re doing a good job 4 That’s it
5 You did a lot of work today 6 Nothing can stop you now
7 Now you’ve figured it out 8 You are very good at that
9 That’s right 10 Good job
11 Now you’ve got the hang of it 12 You are learning fast
13 That’s the way 14 I’m very proud of you
15 You’re really sizzling 16 You certainly did well today
17 You’re doing fine 18 You’ve just about got it
19 Now you have it 20 That’s good
21 Nice going 22 I am happy to see you working like that
23 That’s coming along nicely 24 I’m proud of the way you worked today
25 That’s great 26 That’s the right way to do it
27 You did it that time 28 You’re really learning a lot
29 Great 30 That’s better than ever
31 Fantastic 32 That’s quite an improvement
33 Terrific 34 That kind of work makes me very happy
35 Good for you 36 Marvellous
37 You outdid yourself today 38 Now you have figured it out
39 That’s better 40 That’s tops
41 Excellent 42 Fine
43 You’ve got your brain in gear today 44 That’s it
45 Good job, (name of student) 46 You remembered
47 That’s the best you have ever done 48 You figured that out fast
49 Keep it up 50 You are really improving

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