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Helping my child with self motivation

Try this –

• The Knock – Out technique – the harder and more boring the task, the better it is to do it immediately.

• The bits and pieces approach – do anything in connection with the task, completing it bit by bit so it isn’t so overwhelming.

• The worst – first approach – identify the most difficult part of the task and do it first.

• Work on the task for five minutes – take a break – work another five minutes until the task is finished.

• Use the momentum your child gets from an activity and switch to a less attractive one while momentum is high.

• Make a list of all the positive/negative things which will happen when work is completed/not completed.

• Allow your child to work in a favourite place to complete the task.

• Encourage your child to keep work areas neat and tidy so that everything is easy to find and there is a clear working space.

• Use ticks, stickers and positive comments when marking work to provide immediate feedback for effort.

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