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Focus on Families

Hi everyone

The results of the survey conducted at the end of 2010, showed that families were interested in hearing about the location and travels of other families. We have included the ‘Where are you now?’ section to cater for this.

You will notice that we have now added a new tab, ‘Family Focus’.  We would like this section to be much like the ‘school gate’ where parents chat with each other about the daily happenings within their families.

This would require from you a couple of paragraphs and some photos which can be submitted via email, thumb drive or DVD to  jennifer.locke@det.wa.edu.au or amanda.devos@det.wa.edu.au





We will arrange your information for inclusion on the Family Focus page.

Some ideas

  • fund-raising while travelling around Australia  – some families are very good at this
  • funny or amusing incidents
  • your mode of travelling
  • family dynamics – we know you always get on well together
  • meeting others
  • different cultures



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