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Commonwealth Bank Australian MATHS Challenge August 30 & 31

This is a FREE Mathletics competition where you will take part in real time challenges with students from other states and countries!

The challenge is a fun way to celebrate National Literacy and Numeracy week and is Australia’s official lead up to World Maths Day 2012. There are also some great prizes for schools.

If you are already doing Mathletics all you need to do is sign in to www.mathletics.com.au/challenge
on the two days of the challenge with your individual user name and password.

There will be an opportunity to practice for the Challenge on Monday 22 August, 2011. From this date you are able to log into the Challenge website and begin practising ahead of the official Challenge days.

The official Challenge takes place over two days of Tuesday 30 August and Wednesday 31 August 2011. During these two days, your points will be recorded only between 8:00am and 11:00pm EST.

After the Challenge there will be a ‘warm down’ time where you can print certificates and check results. This will be available until 11:00pm EST, 6 September.

If you do not have a Mathletics user name & password, and want to join in this competition, contact your class teacher.


The August edition of the Primary School Newsletter can now be viewed in the Newsletter tab.

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